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“I implanted a ventricular assist device in which the staff were getting voice instructions over the phone. Nurep would have solved the problem in seconds, but it took 30 minutes of waiting with a patient in shock. The device rep was two hours away and the patient could not wait.”
- Chief of Cardiac Surgery, small medical center

“We lose customers when we can’t guarantee product support.”
- VP Marketing and Strategy, medical device company

“As a practicing surgeon, I have a million things to do and can't schedule cases all the time. I'd much rather contact reps on my own free time.”
- Chief of Cardiac Surgery, top-10 US hospital

“I had to deal with a truly life or death situation this week. A rep was unavailable for in-person support and did so over the phone. The implant could have gone much more smoothly, and we wasted two $35,000 devices.”
- Cardiac Surgeon, small medical center

“I spend half my time traveling.”
- Sales representative, medical device company

“The OR can get crowded. Sometimes we have two or more reps in there.”
- Orthopedic Surgeon, large hospital

“Medical device support is so inefficient and frustrating as a practicing surgeon. I'd consider switching my business towards a device company that offers immediate support in the OR when I need it.”
- Chief of Cardiac Surgery, top-10 US hospital

“Right now, the inability to provide real-time support to all our customers causes utter sheer fear and panic with our support team.”
- President, medical device company

“I'd seek device support more frequently in the OR if there was a simple way to do so.”
- Spine Surgeon

“I can't get rep support in the middle of a case, when I need it the most. Sometimes my local rep is four hours away, and a phone call is not sufficient."
- Chief of Cardiac Surgery, top-10 US hospital

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